Available in any dollar amount, College Book Store gift cards are the perfect gift for any occasion. These gift cards can be redeemed at any of our company's three stores: College Book Store, The House, or Cross Court Cards and Gifts. They can also be used as payment for online orders via this website.

Plus, these cards are re-loadable too! You can re-charge and re-use them just like a debit card to help cover your favorite Ohio University student's bookstore expenses!

The recipient can use the College Book Store gift card quickly and easily - with just a swipe at any cash register or our website - towards the purchase of anything we sell... textbooks, supplies, sportswear, gifts, whatever they want most!


Available Online In These Denominations*:
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$10.00 $50.00
$15.00 $60.00
$20.00 $75.00
$25.00 $100.00
$30.00 $150.00
$40.00 $200.00


* to order gift cards in non-standard denominations, just give us a call